Website update in the works

I initially developed this website just to learn a new skill. I wanted to make it from a low level, so I wrote it all from scratch in a text editor with no templates or anything. As it was my first time using PHP, the backend code integrating with the database is rather basic. It’s fine for a small personal website such as this, but now I also manage the website for my hockey league I should probably further these skills and learn better habits.

I’m quite happy with how it works at the moment, I essentially produced my own CMS so I can just add blogposts and software projects in from the website without needing to touch any HTML or uploading files to a FTP server manually.

However, I’ve always wanted to learn to use a proper web development framework and CMS. I don’t particularly like PHP as a language, but am currently obsessed with Python as I’m doing all my work using it. Thus I reckon I’ll have a go at completely renovating this website and the BiPHA one too using Django, a popular open-source web development framework using Python.

Hopefully this will also prompt me to update this site more! I still need to add a lot to Software Projects, and I’ve done a fair bit on Genetic Programming in Python that I may type up as there is a general lack of documentation available for it currently.

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