Creating a Peep Show quote bot

After watching Peep Show recently I realised there just isn’t enough of it in my life. The writing is a particular highlight, with brilliant characters (that are somewhat relatable) and each episode is filled with hilarious quotes. If you haven’t seen it before I highly recommended checking it out on Netflix, which has all 8 seasons. Each season is only 6 episodes long so it won’t take long to watch them all. As a result of wanting more Peep Show in my life, and the welcome news that it will be returning for a final 9th season, I created a small script to send me a new Peep Show quote each day. Initially it was sent by email, but after my recent experience with the Twitter API I decided to make a Twitter account dedicated to Peep Show Quotes, found here It’s got a database of 360 quotes so it will be a year before they start repeating. I may increase the frequency they are tweeted to twice a day but for now they are tweeted at midday everyday.


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