Brief update and future learning thoughts

I haven’t blogged in a while, mainly because I’ve been so busy with teaching work. It’s fantastic experience and very rewarding, but at the same time I find myself sometimes wishing I had more time to do my research, especially now that I’m in my third year. The other day I came across a very well done hierarchical Bayesian modelling approach for football games. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what area I want to go into for my first post-doc research, and learning standard statistical techniques (including Bayesian methods) is something I’ve been considering. I regret not using my first year to learn statistical modelling in addition to gaining an overview of current machine learning methods. Instead I’ve been looking at using EAs since day 1, and while I’ve done some interesting research with them, I’m ready for a change now. My aim at the moment is to get through this term unscathed and still adhering to my research schedule, but afterwards when I’ve got a bit more time I plan to read up on such techniques. I’ve seen that the excellent Head First series has 2 books on Statistics and Data Analysis which would probably be a good start, and from there I can analyse the football dataset I’ve created in a variety of ways.

An additional area I’d like to get to grips with is Functional Programming, not so much because I’ve got a specific project in mind for it, but rather to help increase my general programming knowledge and hopefully let me write better structured imperative code as a result.


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