New website up and running on Drupal

As an update to the last post, in pretty much just a day I’ve gotten my website configured with Drupal and it’s much the same as before. As previously mentioned, I had essentially developed my own CMS originally, which provided very similar functionality to what I’m getting from Drupal now. However now it is much easier to make any changes as I don’t need to mess around with the code, and more importantly, the website is far more robust now.

Drupal wins!

Related to my previous blog post about updating this website, it appears that my current web host don’t offer Python support. This means that until I have the time and energy, this website will still be run by php. This isn’t a big issue but I do want to use Python for everything I can as it is such a brilliant language. Looking at php CMS options it seems that Drupal will be best for me, it may be a little overkill for just a personal website but it’ll be good to know for the future!